One of the many reasons why this blog miraculously opened was because a college class asked me to. Aside from writing about film and movies, I must deliver certain assignments; this one is one of those. Now, this one won’t be a sappy post about Valentine’s Day or the importance of love… so overrated. No, one is about the impact of the internet in my daily life.

Almost all of us, are dependent of the internet, myself included. It has become a part of my daily life and how I roll with it. Everyday, checking my social media is a definite must do. Most of my friends live outside of the country, therefore the internet is the fastest and efficient way to keep in touch with them daily. On the other hand, social media is great for doing business and that’s where I think it helps me the most. Every time I have a college project or a personal film project, I contact people through their social media. Way faster than waiting to see them in person or sending a dove with a message. I found this presentation about Social Media for Business and, if you’re interested, I hope it’s useful…

I also use the internet for research in my studies and for what I want to do with my short films and video projects for my YouTube channel, Shirley Yelitza. The internet is an open door to new knowledge and a whole different world of things we may know or may not. Aside from being a knowledge base, the internet is great for marketing basically anything. Anything can be advertised or known about in the blink of an eye, and that is a huge benefit for me. I intend to use the internet as an ally to get my work out there, to be known and recognised. This chart below shows some of the many marketing features the internet has.

Concluding, I would say that the internet has had a positive impact on my life. I consider myself a person who loves to learn and knowing that I have knowledge literally at the click of a finger, is amazing. It has helped my personal life, my career, and my socialising skills, not to mention. Of course, I’ve had knowledge of people who have had a bad experience with social media and all, but I believe that if you know how to use it correctly, then it should be an asset rather than a liability.

No Internet Connection

[Image: No Internet Connection by Ben Dalton. Licence CC]

The words shown in the picture above are probably my worst nightmare whenever I need the internet for something important. Like mentioned before, I am dependent of it; now I may go a day or two without it, don’t get me wrong, but I know that if I had to go back to the past and live without the internet, I know I couldn’t. I depend on it too much to keep myself updated with the world day after day. Maybe, if I would have lived on a different time period where the internet was nowhere near to be found, I could have lived there happily because I wouldn’t have known what it was. But now, knowing what it is and giving it up is not an option, in my personal matter. We do need to keep a balance between the internet and our outside lives though; we don’t want to become too attached that we become robots but we also don’t want to be too distant that we lose sight of its importance. Thats my personal matter.


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