The other night, as I stumbled upon the many known titles on Netflix, I discovered one I hadn’t seen before, IBoy. Curiosity filled me, to be honest. You see, I’m one of those weird future film directors who don’t enjoy watching movies in Fine Arts Theaters, for example.I prefer the comfort of my home and watching low budget films that somehow, end up on Netflix or other channels of the sort. But that is another story about me for later.

IBoy is a Netflix original science fiction Brittish film, about a young boy who wakes up from a coma to find that his brain had embedded pieces of his smart phone in it. Soon enough, he discovers that he is, theoretically speaking, a living, walking smart phone with amazing capabilities. Of course, you’d have to watch the film to know what happens next…

Director: Adam Randall

Actors of Interest: Bill Milner, Maisie Williams

Genre: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

Not rated

Watch when… you’re really craving a British movie but not something lengthy or teary like Romeo and Juliet. It is also a crime action movie, therefore it is a good movie to watch on a weeknight after you’ve done all your work and want to relax while enjoying a film that won’t make you go loopy like Inception.

Opinion: In my full honesty, I love the fact that this film is set in an entirely different location that we don’t regularly see in typical movies. Bill Milner portrayed a surprising character and he gave it the twist I wasn’t really expecting so, props for that. The idea behind the script and the plot itself is brilliant but I believe that there are still some loose ends; we can definitely see the fiction part behind all this and, in my fair opinion, they wanted to squeeze so much into the film that some concepts intertwined one another to the point of not being logically explained for the public. Still, I believe you should all watch it and see for yourselves if you like it.

Available on Netflix or:



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