As part of my INF103 class, we get assigned every now and then to do a summary about what happened in class so that others don’t feel lost when they return. Here is the summary for the class that took place on March 9, 2017.

Focus of the Class: Discovering a non-traditional way of creating a Powerpoint presentation that will create an impact on its viewers.


Image: “Powerpoint” by Tom B. License C.C.

Presentation Objectives:

  1. Inform people about its content
  2. Personal challenge as a way of self-marketig

How to Create a Successful Presentation:

  • Don’t write a lot of text: Say goodbye to long paragraphs and try to keep it to short and sweet bullet points. If your page looks crowded, then it’s a huge no no.
  • Don’t read: When giving your presentation don’t read from it cause that just looks like you didn’t even research the topic. If you really did your presentation, you should be able to know what you’re talking about.
  • Don’t saturate: don’t over-do images. If you’re going to upload an image, give it its importance and let it alone on a slide, on half the page, or, if it’s a clipart, maybe one or two.
  • Don’t forget to cite: Cite where you got your information and give those smart people the credit they deserve.

To fully understand this, please view this video (that we also viewed in class) and it will give you a much more comic and understandable approach to the topic.

Class Work:

  1. Create a Powerpoint Presentation
  2. Upload it to Google Drive

Presentation Contents:

  • Slide #1: Title, name, and affiliation (college)
  • Slide #2: Index (Use big font)
  • Slides #3-5: Images (full page or half the page)
  • Slide #6: Conclusion
  • Slide #7: Contacts (Email, blog, twitter, etc.)



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