Today, I decided to pay a tribute here to one of my favorite stories of all time; William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Now this version, as you can tell by the trailer below, is the newest version; not the DiCaprio version with a horrible production idea and not the overly dramatic first version with the actor who looks like Zack Efron. No, this version is… exquisite.

Romeo & Juliet is the classic William Shakespeare story where there are two young teenagers, from enemy households, who fall madly in love. In a turn of unfortunate events, the story takes a tragic twist and changes the fate of those two families forever.

Director: Carlo Carlei

Actors of Interest: Douglas Booth, Hailee Seinfeld, Ed Westwick

Genre: Romance, Drama

Rated PG-13

Watch when… you are feeling super mega, absolutely and undoubtfully romantic! As the title states, this is the greatest (in my opinion) love story ever told so please watch it when you are in that romance lovey mood. Not when you’re mopping about life or looking for a movie to just watch. Instead of watching something you already know like Clueless or a Disney Princess film, watch this incredible adaptation and give it the attention it deserves.

Opinion: I am probably one of the greatest Romeo and Juliet freaks you’ll ever witness, meet, or read about. I know monologues from the story like there’s no tomorrow and I don’t even know why. Therefore, I conclude that this is the best adaptation for me. I love that they kept the original screenplay intact; that old English still gives me chills. The production design is exquisite; this includes, makeup, hair, costumes, scenery, props, etc. The actors really capture the essence of the real characters that Shakespeare wanted to portray; Romeo is sweet and desperate in terms of love, Tybalt is violent and manly, the Nurse is a bit nervous and playful with Juliet, etc. Not to mention, all of the men in this film are a work of art on their own. They are gorgeous so, props to you casting!


Photo: “Okay just stay calm Hahaha :3” by Joe at

Anyways, it really is a piece worth watching. As a downside, there are some monologues that contain weird pauses and intentions but that’s more of a personal opinion rather than a flaw. The pose in which they die is… odd; wouldn’t have used it like that even though the ending one is beautiful. So please, to all of you romantic and vintage screeners who love a good tale, go ahead and watch this piece of art and enchantment!

Watch for free on Netflix or:



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