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I really didn’t expect this but I’ve been secretly obsessed with this for like 2 weeks…

XOXO is the story about how different lives collide with each other in one crazy, romantic, EDM filled night in the biggest music festival ever, XOXO.

Director: Christopher Louie

Actors of Interest: Sarah Hyland, Graham Phillips

Genre: Drama, Music

Rated TV-MA (I would rate it PG-13)

Watch when… you are feeling in that weird mood that you want to connect with a movie yet just watch it for pure entertainment. So that you can understand, this is that type of movie that you watch and you wanna be in the movie; you know when you’re in the car, at the club, or even jamming in your own room and suddenly a great song comes on that has either a great beat or a sick drop and you feel like the music fills your veins? That is what you’ll feel after watching this so if you have no desire whatsoever to feel like this, don’t watch it at that moment.

Opinion: Overall, this is a good film. It doesn’t have a strong plot, to be honest, because it just resembles what really happens at EDM festivals but it is pleasing to watch. I do admit, you kind of get lost in certain parts of the film and you feel like you’re watching the product of a person who was high while doing the film, but then you remember… that’s the point. On the other hand, the actors are really good and the music is just exquisite! The theme song that is presented is just beautiful. I wanna download it now. Technically speaking, the use of lighting in the film is very well done; achieving the correct lighting isn’t easy and to have an entire movie centered on a festival where light strobes and such are the main focus point, besides the music, is a challenge and the director clearly made that possible.

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