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This weekend was a cinema filled one considering I watched a lot of recent films from this year including this plot twister.

Logan takes place in the future where he, persistent to run from society and hide from it, also cares for Professor X. His plans are precise and steady until a young mutant girl, Laura, arrives and changes the course of his life.

Director: James Mangold

Actors of Interest: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen

Genre: Action, Sci-Fy

Rated R (violence)

Watch when… you are in that action superhero mood. But, keep in mind this movie is the continuation of a long saga and watching at least one of the previous movies is highly advised so that you can relate the content presented to another reference.

Opinion: I was honestly expecting to be thrilled, blown away from my feet from this movie but that’s not what I got. It is a good movie though, don’t get me wrong.; the X-Men movies are some of my favorites in terms of superheroes to watch. This one didn’t emulate much of what I expected. The plot is pretty basic compared to other X-Men movies meaning that it’s pretty consistent and stable throughout the entire film. Although, the film starts to progress towards the end and there’s a plot twist with a beautiful scene, which I won’t obviously say, the rest of the film is average. The production design is well done even though it isn’t as complicated either since mostly everything is location filmed. I didn’t enjoy the lighting; most of the film is dark and takes place at night and the illumination wasn’t a defined one therefore, I lost some of the movements in the frame due to little lighting. Now, the actors are just phenomenal! No one can do Logan better than Hugh Jackman therefore, he really brings that character to life in ways that aren’t even imaginable. I also like that the characters are portrayed by the same actors and that adds a whole new level of consistency and veracity to the story presented. Still, it is a movie worth watching since it is yet another puzzle piece in the huge gamma that pertains the X-Men.


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