Now, for that waited film review from the movie everyone is talking about… literally.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) is Disney’s adaptation of the all time animated classic. It is the story of Belle, a woman who dreams with adventure, and how she comes to fall in love with Adam, a prince transformed into a beast by a spell.

Director: Bill Condon

Actors of Main Interest: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans

Genre: Family, Romance, Fantasy

Rated PG

Watch when… you are in that Disney mood but not in a mood for cartoons. It is still a basic movie plot that most of us know, therefore the movie does require attention but not as much since it is a commonly known story.

Opinion: Everyone was honestly expecting this movie but, to be honest, I wasn’t. Beauty and the Beast is a story I like but it isn’t a favorite, therefore, my expectations were completely average. My expectations were exceeded but they weren’t overly exceeded. The story is neatly narrated and loyal to the original version. In terms of characters, I repeat… Gaston is pure perfection! Ever since I was little, Gaston has been one of my favorite characters. Weird. But, I’m not lying. To me, Gaston is one of the most developed characters. All of them were great but I strongly disagree with the idea of Emma Watson being Belle; not only do I envision her as Hermione Granger but, physically, after working at Disney World, I can strongly say that she doesn’t resemble Belle. On the other hand, the production design is exquisite! The outfits, the small town, the castle, the CGI animation, everything is just amazing. I love that they changed some aspects but still kept the essence to fully fit the time period but also be loyal to their first cartoon creations. The music is really beautiful but there are some pieces that don’t add up to the maximum glory they had with the original score. Still, this movie is definitely worth watching for it has so many beautiful and mesmerizing scenes and, of course, it’s a Disney film so it’s definitely worth watching.



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