This is an odd addition to the list of films I have watched and commonly like but then again, I was assigned to watch a film from the European Film Festival and this was my choice, so I got myself into this…

Slack Bay is a French film, taking place in the summer of 1910, that follows the story of two contrasting families and how they live in a coast where there have been reported various disappearances.

Director: Bruno Dumont

Actors of Interest: Brandon Lavieville, Raph, Fabrice Luchini, Juliette Binoche

Genre: Comedy

Unrated (a bit gruesome but not much)

Watch when… you are in the mood to watch a good, independent film. You need your ultimate concentration for this since, first of all, it is in French so you have to pay attention to every second and every detail is important.

Opinion: In my opinion, the film confused me more than what it clarified doubts. I loved the plot and I really did not expect many of the things that happened. The actors helped a lot to immerse me in the magic of the film, equally; it is clear that these actors are pioneers of the comedic genre and they genuinely know what they are doing. The locations are exquisite and go very well with the era in which the film takes place. The  production design, therefore, was a very pleasant. But, without a doubt, the most I enjoyed were the sounds. The songs in crescendo with such a wonderful orchestra are amazing and I never thought I would enjoy so much diegetic sounds and silences. I found so pleasant the sound of the waves or the walking of the characters and those silences, of which there are many, that leave you thinking; wanting to know what is happening in the head of the characters. I did not like the fact that the movie ended where it finished; the mysteries of the disappeared people were never completely solved and no character changed in the sense that, Billie continued with his high society life, alone and without genuine happiness, and Ma Loute returned to his life of being a simple sailor. I do not like the movies to end in a loop, but otherwise, I sincerely recommend it. It touches issues of society that we often ignore and that really are important and for that, this film is a good watch.

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