As a final project for my INF103 class, we had to conduct a research in groups about computer science in certain topics and my group and I chose TV and radio.

When the instructions were given, I thought that there was no way on Earth that we would interview 10 professionals from the industry in 3 weeks and conduct the entire research paper and presentation. I was wrong, and thank God I was; my group was excellent and we all worked in such a way that everything complemented. Even so, today, when we did the presentation in class, I felt so ready and yet it was so much material to be covered but I felt so trusted and safe with my fellow group members that in reality, I couldn’t have asked for another group.

I was glad we chose the topic we did because it gave us a chance to really go out there and meet the people who are in the industry that I am dying to join. Getting their feedback and talking to them was such an enriching experience that I would gladly continue talking to these professionals. What I love most was the outcome conclusion that we realized as we were composing the project; these professionals from the TV and Radio industry are the pioneers of these worlds and we have to look up to them. Use them as examples and trace a map in our heads of where we wanna go in life. How successful we want to be. I believe that if we do that, technology and society would be moving in a very good direction.

Google Drive Project Document Link:

PPT Link:


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