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I was simply surprised by this movie and how accurate it is with certain people’s lives…

Trust is the story about this 14 year old girl who is targeted by an older sexual predator through online chats and texts. How easy can it be for a girl to get tangled up in such a complicated web of messes?

Director: David Schwimmer

Actors of Interest: Liana Liberato, Catherine Keener, Clive Owen

Genre: Crime, Drama

Rated R (mature topics)

Watch when… you are in the mood for a serious movie. This film exposes what happens to certain teens who are not careful online almost everyday, therefore you need undivided attention for this film.

Opinion: This movie is really fascinating! It clearly exposes what teens and anyone who talks with people online could live if they aren’t careful enough; I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk with people online cause once you are careful you can meet people worldwide and that is an incredible asset from the internet. But you have to be careful and know your limits and this film clearly resembles real life stories. I love how the teenage psychology is viewed from different points of view not only from Annie, the main character. In terms of production design, it is a very simple design in terms that it is filmed on location and we are viewing the life of a modern day teenager. I do not agree with having such an open ending; I know that probably the director wanted to keep this open ending because there really isn’t an end to these sexual predator cases cause, unless they are caught, things will continue on a loop but still, you know how I feel about open endings. Setting that aside, the film is a must see.

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