This is one of those movies that you start watching it… then you get mixed feelings… then you fall in love with it and it starts messing with you!

Slam (2016) is an Italian Netflix movie about a 16 year old boy who lives with his single mom, because she got pregnant with him at 16, who dreams to be a skater. What happens when he meets a girl and fate decides that he should also have a child at 16?

Director: Andrea Moalioli

Actos of Interest: Ludovico Tersigni, Barbara Ramella

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Rated TV-MA (I’d definitely say it’s a PG-13 ish type of film)

Watch when… you are in the mood for a serious foreign movie. It has a simple plot line which is easy to follow but the fact that it is in Italian, makes it complicated for those who don’t speak the language. Don’t watch this with parents for it is centered more on the teen psyche and how we think things through, plus those awkward things though…

Opinion: This is, I have no idea why, the best teen pregnancy movie ever! First of all, I love that it focuses on the guy’s point of view rather than the girl’s; usually these stories are told that way so it’s a great twist. Consequently, I have to say the actors were great and you could definitely see the confused emotions and obvious chemistry on the screen. Best of all, it focuses on reality. Most teen pregnancy movies decide to sugar coat things and give them a happily ever after twist, whereas this one, focuses more on the truth and reality of what teens like this go through; the confusion, the thoughts of bailing out, dealing with the parents, raising that kid, etc. I truly loved the plot although I disliked the ending. Too open for my taste. There are also some great camera frames and movements that signify things throughout the entire film and the music selection is quite on pointe. By far, it is a must see!

Watch free on Netflix…


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