Personal Reflexion: To be fully honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this class when I first started it for no one told me what it was about. When I fully comprehended the course material, I think that I gave it my maximum potential. I took computer classes at my school for more than 8 years so it was way easy to apply the knowledge I already had to this class and it was good to combine that knowledge with several points from this class.

Overall, I would maybe add some labs or seminars from professionals to this course to make it more enriching so that the students could get a wide variety of knowledge from somewhere else than sitting on the same chair for a semester. I do love the idea of the final project because it gives the students the ability to test out their skills in the industry they choose and it gives us students the privilege of interviewing amazing people from different industries and learn more about our future jobs, probably. I do believe that the final project needs more execution time to give it a great twist and be more calm and nonchalant about it.

Assignments list and links: 

Assignment #1:

Assignment #2:

Assignment #3:

Assignment #4:

Assignment #5:

Assignment #7:

Final Project:

Assignment #9:

Total number of Posts: 23 (12 aside from class)

Total number of Views: 165

Most Important Things I Learned: During the course of this class, I learned many important things but probably the most important are to never limit myself in terms of interviews and to keep up with trends. The internet is all about trends and you have to know what is trending to fully keep up with life and technology; truth is that technology is ever changing and what is new today is going to be completely obsolete tomorrow, therefore to move forward as a society we must learn to adapt to technology so that technology can adapt to us. On another point, thanks to the interviews project I learned that you can learn so much more from an area of work by just talking and getting to know the real pioneers of the industry; they have many more stories to tell than those that you can find on the internet.

What I Would Change: I would definitely make this course hybrid (meaning half presencial and partially over the internet) for I believe that the material to be covered isn’t as much to be needing to classroom classes.


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